2018 Membership Classification and Dues Schedule

What is the IPGA?
A not-for-profit trade association serving the needs of the propane gas industry and the energy consuming public in Iowa. Members include retail propane gas marketers, dealers, cooperatives, agents, distributors, propane producers, suppliers, brokers, importers, equipment and appliance manufacturers, distributors, cylinder fillers, factory representatives, wholesalers, vendors of service, insurance, heating & cooling personnel, plumbers, and management.

National Propane Gas Association:
Intrastate marketer membership in the Iowa Propane Gas Association includes full membership in the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) at no additional cost.

IPGA Services:
Benefits include CETP (Certified Employee Training Program), educational safety programs, service schools, informational services, legislative representation and updates, regulatory monitoring, member discounts, quarterly PROPANE GAS NEWS publication, weekly PROPANE EXPRESS NEWS by email or fax, yearly membership directory, no charge for district meetings, access to the IPGA office in Pleasant Hill, and assistance in clarification and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Iowa Marketer,  $1008.00 Includes IPGA and NPGA dues 
(Amount based on Retail Locations and Bulk Plants)

Supplier/Associate Member, $530.00 per person or firm
(Person or company associated with LP Gas and interested in IPGA Purposes)

Individual Member, $190.00 per person
(Person employed by regular, active, or supplier member of IPGA)

Casual Member, $440.00 per plant
(Cylinder fillers or sells less than 100,000 gallons of LP annually)

Affiliate Member, $440.00 per plant
(Heating & cooling, plumbers, appliance service personnel)